Commode Chair With Wheels

Multi-functional design for use as a bedside toilet. Use without the bucket for use as a raised seat over the bathroom toilet. Use without the seat for use as toilet safety support rails. It comes with a folding steel frame, height adjustable and wheels. 



₹200 for 1 week 

₹350 for 15 days 

₹600 for 1 month 

* Home delivery costs are extra.



➤ Multi-Use 3-in-1 design 

➤ Foldable steel frame 

➤ Seat height adjustable 

➤ Wheels to move the patient to the toilet 

➤ Wheelchair weight 10 Kg 

➤ Seat width is 18 inches 

➤ Total wheelchair width is 22 inches 

➤ Detachable bucket for commode 

➤ No self propel option 

➤ No handle brake 

➤ Wheel brakes 

➤ 100kg maximum capacity